Friday, September 24, 2010

My project is about Israeli wildflowers. Most of these wild plants grow here

in winter, then wither, dry up, and die in the summer. (or Most of these wild

plants grow here in the winter, then wither, dry up, and go to seed in the

summer, only to renew their lifecycle the following winter.)

Their short life cycle has always fascinated me. People tend to take wild

flowers for granted, seeing them as valueless, troublesome weeds. The

aesthetics of these "weeds" is at the heart of my project. I wanted to elevate

them and perpetuate their short transient existence.

My project is about creating fabrics that respond to the environment, and have

a dynamic nature.

I started the design process by scanning the plants themselves and then

printing them. As it evolved, I found myself drawing the wildflowers by hand, in

order to preserve their memory within a traditional textile pattern.

The project was printed with spatial textile dye that responds to heat and light.

The printed fabrics were mounted over specially constructed light fixtures,

including ultraviolet lighting, in order to provide the desired effects. The

image is revealed as the light illuminates the design, and slowly fades and

disappears when the light is extinguished.

Just as the wildflowers respond to the sun in nature, the fabric responds to

heat and light in a cyclical manner

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